And I Was Like EP

by AJ McKinley

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released January 1, 2016

Produced by AJ McKinley
All songs written by AJ McKinley except track 5, written by Jason Kick
All instruments played by AJ McKinley except Drumset on tracks 1,2,4 and 6 played by Zach Bookstein Partridge
Engineered - Jason Kick and AJ McKinley
Assistant Engineer - Jason Biggs
Mixed - AJ McKinley and Jason Kick
Mastered - Piper Payne at Michael Romanowski

All Music was recorded in Feb 2015 at Studio Paradiso and August 2015 at Treat Street Beat Retreat.

All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


AJ McKinley San Francisco, California

AJ McKinley is a fellow from San Francisco who plays lots of instruments and writes/records lots of songs.
Using artists like Brian Eno, Kurt Vile and Reggie Watts as jumping off points, the music is composed/performed/recorded using only a bass, vocals, a looper and a drum set. All "guitar-ish" or "synth-ish" type sounds/solos were created through effects and pitch shifting on the bass.
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Track Name: Aptos, When It Rains
i'm at the end of the street, hanging out
home cooked meals and sea side clouds
just gorging on woe and doubt
i'm slumming it all day long
turn off the phone, crawl into a bong
and try to forget about songs....
time is clearly running out until i'm losing ground
and it feels like a hole is sinking my boat
and i am slowly sinking down

(so, keep on rowing)

suddenly, it feels like it's been too long
that i've been digging up my own soul and finding someone else's song
i'm just bumming around in a house
i feel like a grave digger digging up ground
to lay his own body down

but if your boat's got a hole, keep on rowing
if your boat's got a hole, keep on rowing
rowing to the shore
a few strokes more...
few strokes more...
keep on rowing...

oh, how long must I go on?
Track Name: Shoot a Bullet into the Night
Squinted eyes hide the toiling mind
Squinted eyes seek the prize

Shoot a bullet into the night, anyway that you like
and you may hit something
Shoot a bullet into the night, hoping it somehow finds
it's way to the bulls eye

What's a secret that you wish I knew
What's something you can prove is true
Greatness endures? What's your proof?
The motivation is crystal clear
The inspiration, I can feel it near
So, hurry up so it can disappear
Track Name: 24th Corridor
Living just a stone's throw from the 24th corridor
Dodging the social life like some shy toreador
Out there in the night, there's rugs being cut
There's flesh being pressed, there's scenes blowing up

And lately as I walk out on the 24th corridor
There's so many different kinds of people to meet
and things to explore
and all is hard to see behind a closed door
and i can't bring myself to recall what I was hiding for

So many good things to say about the 24th corridor
and i can only summon cliques and weak metaphors
and sometimes i wonder to myself, "why pay for the action"?
when time at work and time with her is what i call satisfaction

So, duck a bullet on your way through the 24th corridor
To whatever watered down watering hole you've come to adore
and i'll be holed up in my own hole
digging for something I can share, something to break the mold
i'll be holed up in my hole
doing my lonely alchemy
trying to make gold
Track Name: Fever Dream
how many years? how much elapsed time?
since i dove into the river to see what there was to find?
driven by something not seen with the naked eye
driven by something not found in the waking mind

do you see what i see when i dream?
something boundless, faceless, never ending
do you see what i see when i dream
then please please find me while we're both asleep

as i watch each word disappearing right into the void
watching each humble dream violently destroyed
fever clutches to the mind, concentrating
on this boundless thing that i can't help worshiping

do you see what i see when i dream?
something boundless, faceless, never ending
do you see what i see when i dream
well then, here we go into dream... so find me...
Track Name: Get Lost Here
How can you go home after all the friends you broke?
You listened to your fears and you got lost here.
When you walked out the door, did you see a stranger there
someone you've managed to ignore?

If you want to spend all of your money when you get all stressed out & weird you can get lost here.
When you walked out the door did you meet a millionaire & now you want to make some dough?

What do you have to show for 7 years of noise? Are you all stressed out & weird? Did you get lost here?

When you talk while you're bored do you believe the things you're saying, or have you turned into a stone?

Because there must be life, on the otherside
Where a boy can think and a girl can write
Where the rents are low and the streets are slow
but still I understand it if you can't let go
Track Name: Hide
most of the time i'm dumb struck by the outside
and all its spoils to find
and most of the time I prefer the confines
of a safe place to hide

growing numbness, in the face of the truth
overwhelms me, to the point of feeling blue
so lets sew shut the blinds, cut all the wires and lines
and we will hide for a while

keeping an eye, on the planes up in the sky
for a smile that hides
cause once you are here, we could stave off the fear
we could summon a smile

growing fondness, for this tangible peace
pacifies us, for the moment at least
so lets sew shut the blinds, cut all the wires and lines
and we will hide for a while